I’m a British-American playwright and recovering actor based in Boston, Massachusetts. Over the years, I’ve written eleven full-length plays and 20 short plays; won six national new play awards and three playwriting fellowships; and had more than 100 productions and readings of my work in the U.S. and internationally.

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What reviewers say…

  • Notice is a clever, metatheatrical play on meaning and the way experience alters perception, all embedded within an absurdist, self-referential comedy.”


    Notice – Buffalo News
  • “…A very daring, engaging and entertaining piece of work.”

    I’m Not at Liberty to Say – Tinderbox Theatre Company, Belfast, Ireland
  • “A tart, fresh, smart take on things that have grown toxic in the culture at large. If laughter is the best medicine, our healing around issues of race and social privilege begins here.”

    Identity Crisis – Edge Media, Boston, MA
  • “… Exuberant … splendid … poetic …”

    Guided Tour – The Beat, South Carolina