What do a Black Queen, a Viking warrior princess who sounds like Greta Thunberg, and a man-eating jaguar have in common? They all live in Tom Galloway’s head. After his wife died, Tom retired after 30 years as an insurance analyst. Now he’s depressed and unsure about what to do with his time. Fellow members of his book club help him brainstorm possibilities. Tom finds that the climate crisis stirs his passion, and he volunteers with a local university’s climate research project. Or so he says. In fact, it’s a fiction. He had scheduled an interview but never went – stymied by fear of failure and surreal visions of his own violent death. He receives support and inspiration from Izzy, a college student and climate activist who had joined the book club while in high school at Tom’s invitation. For a nerdy loner who loved reading, the group was a life-saver. And Izzy is determined to repay Tom’s kindness by enabling him to find new meaning in his life – and help save the planet.


Cast: 4
Roles by gender: 2 men, 2 women
Roles by race: 1 Black or African American, 1 Latina, 2 white

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