Playwrights own their work. You can buy the right to produce any of my plays for a set number of performances under certain agreed conditions. For the sake of clarity and to avoid any misunderstandings, I prefer that all this be codified in a simple licensing agreement, as recommended by The Dramatists Guild of America, of which I'm a proud member. Please contact me and I will send you an agreement to complete and return.

Short Plays: All my short plays can be downloaded for free in PDF format. Production royalties are $15 per performance. Payment is due prior to production.

Full-Length Plays: Excerpts can be downloaded for free in PDF format. To acquire the full script, or to discuss a production, please contact me. Production royalties are negotiable, but my standard is $60 per performance or 7% of gross box office receipts.    

Purchase: Click below to pay online through PayPal. It's easy, fast and secure. Alternatively, please send a check or money order in the appropriate amount to:

50 Dunster Road
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130