Full-Length Plays

The Growing Stone. 2018.Abstract

95 minutes
2F, 2M

Matt Barnett harbors a dark family secret from his childhood. Returning home to Vermont years later when his mother is dying, Matt seeks truth and healing – and finds a future he never expected. A story of love, resilience, loyalty, Indigenous wisdom, and hope among the stars.

The Draft.; 2013.Abstract

110 minutes
8M, 2F

The Draft
explores the tumult of the Vietnam War era through the real-life stories of 10 young Americans – eight men and two women – whose lives were shaped and forever changed by the military draft in the U.S. at that time. Enhanced dramatically by music and sound clips from the period, the play chronicles the choices they made when confronted with the draft and the impact of those choices then and since. 

Production History

  • Hibernian Hall, Roxbury, MA, Production, 2015
  • Westfield State University, Westfield, MA, Production, 2015
  • Trinity College, Hartford, CT, Production, 2015
  • Academy of Music, Northampton, MA, Production, 2015
  • Smith College, Northampton, MA, Staged Reading, 2013
Raising David Walker. 2010.Abstract

90 minutes
2F, 3M

It is 1979, and Boston is in racial turmoil over school de-segregation. Serena Fox, an African-American college student, becomes captivated by the ideas and passion of black abolitionist David Walker, and she launches a campaign to memorialize him and learn the truth about his death. The campaign – and the backlash it provokes – puts Serena on an emotionally wrenching path to self-discovery.   

Production History

  • Hibernian Hall, Roxbury, MA, Production, 2013
  • NJ Performing Arts Center/Newark  Museum, Newark, NJ, Staged Reading, 2013
  • Mixed Phoenix Theatre Group, New York, NY, Staged Reading, 2012
  • The Democracy Center, Cambridge, MA, Staged Reading, 2012
  • Baltimore Playwrights Festival, Baltimore, MD, Staged Reading, 2012
  • Semi-Finalist, Ashland New Plays Festival, Ashland, OR, 2010 
  • Semi-Finalist, Next Generation Playwriting Contest, Reverie Productions, New York, NY
Identity Crisis. 2009.Abstract

90 minutes
2F, 2M

It's a growing phenomenon that no one wants to talk about: White people are turning Black. On the eve of his wedding, Alan Guthrie learns it's about to happen to him. And he's freaked--not least because his prospective father-in-law would never allow his daughter to marry a Black man. Solution? Persuade his identical twin brother, who is gay, to impersonate him at the ceremony. The desperate ruse launches Alan and his co-conspirators on a madcap pre-nuptial adventure involving organic vegetables, ventriloquism, a golfing accident--and some serious identity issues.

  • Winner of the 2010 New Play Festival, Centre Stage-South Carolina, Greenville, SC

"Daring, subversive, and wickedly funny"
-Deborah Brevoort, Playwright-in-Residence, 2010 New Play Festival

Production History

  • Centre Stage-South Caroliona, Greenville, SC, Workshop Production, 2011
  • HRC Showcase Theatre, Hudson, NY, Staged Reading/Contest Finalist, 2011
  • Centre Stage-South Carolina, Greenville, SC, Staged Reading/Contest Finalist, 2010
  • Provincetown Theatre, Provincetown, MA, Staged Reading, 2010
Orbiting Mars. 2008.Abstract

120 minutes
4F, 4M minimum (with doubling)

Desperate to win a statewide contest, a community theatre company casts a man claiming to be the Roman god Mars to star in their production of a Noel Coward comedy. A CIA plot, a teenager who speaks fluent Latin, Hollywood's embrace of "reality theater"--It's all here in this hilarious spoof on militarism and celebrity culture.

  • Winner of the Annual New Play Contest, Santa Cruz Actors' Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA, 2010

"Orbiting Mars is a funny, astute commentary on modern life. Mr. Snoad brilliantly navigates the blurry edges between truth and absurdity.â"
-Marc Clopton, Director, The Actors' Studio, Newburyport, MA

Production History

  • Penobscot Theatre, Bangor, ME, Staged Reading, Northern Writes New Play Festival, 2010
  • North Shore Readers' Theatre Collaborative, Newburyport, MA, Staged Reading 2009
The Boiling House. 2007.Abstract

95 minutes
2F, 3M

In this poignant drama, the owner of a guesthouse on a small Caribbean island confronts her family's painful past. An impending hurricane compels Mama Aida and her guests to take shelter in an old plantation building. There she encounters the spirits of her slave ancestors who were brutally tortured and murdered after leading an unsuccessful slave rebellion.

Production History

  • Hinton Battle Theatre Lab, New York, NY, Staged Reading/Contest Finalist 2007
  • Reverie Productions, New York, NY, Staged Reading/Contest Finalist 2007
I'm Not at Liberty to Say - Rosa. 2006.Abstract

105 minutes
2F, 2M

On the eve of their departure to Guatemala to pick up their newly adopted daughter, a middle-class American couple find themselves suspected of a terrorist act--blowing up their own car. When the devastating truth finally emerges, it challenges all their assumptions about truth, democracy and the American way.

"The play is swathed in absurdity but the material is woven from the fabric of reality.â"
-Boston Phoenix

"...A very daring, engaging and entertaining piece of work"
-Reader for Tinderbox Theatre Company, Belfast, Ireland

Production History

  • Alarm Clock Theatre, Boston, MA, Production 2006
  • Lark Play Development Center, New York, NY, Roundtable Reading 2006
  • HRC Showcase Theatre, Hudson, NY, Staged Reading/Contest Finalist 2006
  • Julie Harris Playwright Award, Beverly Hills Theatre Guild,
  • Los Angeles, CA, Contest Semi-Finalist 2005
  • Trapdoor Theatre Ensemble, Los Angeles, CA, Contest Finalist 2005
Guided Tour. 2006.Abstract

95 minutes
3F, 1M

Joe Bell, an African-American Renaissance man, has spent 14 years in jail for burning down the Gilded Age mansion where he once worked as a tour guide. Determined to prove him innocent, Susanna Hatch, a young white law student, visits Joe in a prison psychiatric unit and learns some wrenching lessons about the irrational power of love.

  •  Winner of the 2007 Stanley Drama Award
  •  Winner of the 2007 Arthur W. Stone New Play Award

"A beautifully crafted work"
-Greenville News, South Carolina

"A compelling portrait of a love affair thwarted because of class, snobbery and racial pressures.The writing is lucid with terrific characterization."
-Literary Team at The Bush Theatre, London, U.K. which recommends the play as a "bush pick" on its play publishing website (www.bushgreen.org)

"... Exuberant ... splendid ... poetic ... This is a Guided Tour theater fans shouldn't miss."
-The Beat, South Carolina

Production History

  • Playwrights' Forum, Memphis, TN, Production 2009
  • Boston Playwrights Theatre, Boston, MA, Staged Reading 2008
  • Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA, Production 2008
  • Centre Stage-South Carolina, Greenville, SC, Production 2007
  • HRC Showcase Theatre, Hudson, NY, Staged Reading/Contest Finalist 2007
  • Hinton Battle Theatre Lab, New York, NY, Staged Reading/Contest Finalist 2006
  • Reverie Productions, New York, NY, Staged Reading/Contest Finalist 2006