My Name is Art


My Name is Art. 2006.


14 minutes
1F, 2M

In a modern art museum, a man wearing only body graffiti and a thong asserts the validity of his own living art exhibit.

  • Winner, Best of Fest, Frontera Festival, Austin, TX 2007

"A genuinely funny crowd-pleaser."
-The Inkpot, Singapore

"You will laugh your head off at 'My Name is Art'--An intellectually witty satire."
-Long Beach Press Telegram, Long Beach, CA

Production History

  • Short and Sweet Festival, Sydney, Australia, Production, 2011
  • Short and Sweet Festival, Melbourne, Australia, Production, 2010
  • Short and Sweet Festival, Brisbane, Australia, Production, 2010
  • Short and Sweet Festival, Singapore, Production, 2010  
  • Short and Sweet Festival, Canberra, Australia, Production, 2010
  • London Fringe Festival, London, U.K., Production 2010
  • Salem Theater Company, Salem, MA, Production, 2010
  • Raconteur Theater, Columbus, OH, Production, 2010 
  • Edgemar Theatre Group, Santa Monica, CA, Production, 2010
  • Liminal Space Productions, London, U.K., Production 2010
  • Bedlam Theatre, Minneapolis, MN, Production 2009
  • Pilgrim Theatre/Boston Theatre Marathon, Production 2007
  • Flush Ink Productions, Kitchener, Ontario, Production 2007
  • Emerging Artists Theatre, New York, NY, Production 2007
  • Little Fish Theatre, San Pedro, CA, Production 2007
  • The Vestige Group, Austin, TX, Production 2007
  • Devanaughn Theatre, Boston, MA, Production 2006

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