I'm Not at Liberty to Say - Rosa


I'm Not at Liberty to Say - Rosa. 2006.


105 minutes
2F, 2M

On the eve of their departure to Guatemala to pick up their newly adopted daughter, a middle-class American couple find themselves suspected of a terrorist act--blowing up their own car. When the devastating truth finally emerges, it challenges all their assumptions about truth, democracy and the American way.

"The play is swathed in absurdity but the material is woven from the fabric of reality.â"
-Boston Phoenix

"...A very daring, engaging and entertaining piece of work"
-Reader for Tinderbox Theatre Company, Belfast, Ireland

Production History

  • Alarm Clock Theatre, Boston, MA, Production 2006
  • Lark Play Development Center, New York, NY, Roundtable Reading 2006
  • HRC Showcase Theatre, Hudson, NY, Staged Reading/Contest Finalist 2006
  • Julie Harris Playwright Award, Beverly Hills Theatre Guild,
  • Los Angeles, CA, Contest Semi-Finalist 2005
  • Trapdoor Theatre Ensemble, Los Angeles, CA, Contest Finalist 2005

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