Identity Crisis


Identity Crisis. 2009.


90 minutes
2F, 2M

It's a growing phenomenon that no one wants to talk about: White people are turning Black. On the eve of his wedding, Alan Guthrie learns it's about to happen to him. And he's freaked--not least because his prospective father-in-law would never allow his daughter to marry a Black man. Solution? Persuade his identical twin brother, who is gay, to impersonate him at the ceremony. The desperate ruse launches Alan and his co-conspirators on a madcap pre-nuptial adventure involving organic vegetables, ventriloquism, a golfing accident--and some serious identity issues.

  • Winner of the 2010 New Play Festival, Centre Stage-South Carolina, Greenville, SC

"Daring, subversive, and wickedly funny"
-Deborah Brevoort, Playwright-in-Residence, 2010 New Play Festival

Production History

  • Centre Stage-South Caroliona, Greenville, SC, Workshop Production, 2011
  • HRC Showcase Theatre, Hudson, NY, Staged Reading/Contest Finalist, 2011
  • Centre Stage-South Carolina, Greenville, SC, Staged Reading/Contest Finalist, 2010
  • Provincetown Theatre, Provincetown, MA, Staged Reading, 2010

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