Guided Tour (Screenplay)


Guided Tour (Screenplay). 2010.


Can true love really conquer all? That's the question Susanna Hatch, a white law student from a wealthy family, asks herself as she agonizes over whether to make a commitment to her working-class Puerto Rican boyfriend. Susanna believes she'll find the answer from Joe Bell, an African-American man who's been in jail for 14 years for burning down a Gilded Age mansion owned by her grandmother. Joe was a tour guide there, and the two became lovers and soul mates. Convinced that Joe must be innocent, Susanna sets out to prove it--and to prove to herself that her own unlikely union has a future.  


This screenplay, commissioned by an independent film producer, is adapted from my stage play of the same name. It is not currently under option. Please contact me to obtain the full script. 

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