The Greening of Bridget Kelly


The Greening of Bridget Kelly. 2007.


Dark comedy
10 minutes

A teenage environmental activist explains to her priest how killing her sexually abusive father has helped stop global warming.

Production History

  • Another Country Productions, Boston, MA, Production 2010
  • 3 Roads Productions, New York, NY, Production 2010
  • London Fringe Festival, London, U.K., Production 2010
  • Stone Soup Theatre, Seattle, WA, Production 2010
  • Liminal Space Productions, London, U.K., Production 2010
  • Actors’ Theatre Playhouse, W. Chesterfield, NH, Production 2008
  • LiveWire Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL, Production 2008
  • gaia studio, Hoboken, NJ, Staged Reading 2008
  • Fort Point Theatre Channel, Boston, MA, Production 2008

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